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The architect Dominique Perrault and the designer
Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost designed this collection
 of lighting to date unpublished which evokes
James Bond spy components,
original, almost unbreakable, unclassifiable, timeless and durable.

The IN THE TUBE collection consists of a reflector
in borosilicate glass tube, closed with aluminum caps
black or transparent, covered with silicone
, with a stainless steel clamp,
it has two pleated stitches at the level
gold or silver bulbs inside your tube
which provides excellent quality non-glare lighting.

IN THE TUBE provides a soft orientable light,
 whether for individuals or professionals,
 this lamp will make a splash in your interior
 with a strong decorative value. Versatile,
it can be fixed horizontally as well as
vertical which leaves room for more possibilities.

You can compose your tube at your convenience:
The reflector is available in three colors: Gold / Silver / Copper
The links are gold or silver
The caps have two finishes: Black or Transparent

IN THE TUBE DCW éditions Paris

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