Illuminate your daily life with the Cauvet collection!

Tau DCW éditions PARIS

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of its three new table lamps, including the captivating TAU lamp, a mesmerizing creation by Clément Cauvet for DCW Éditions Paris.

Sammode Brueghel Direct / Indirect

Discover the Brueghel Direct/Indirect suspension from Sammode: a lamp with three moods, offering a generous and non-glaring light, ideal for computer work.

Focus x4 DCW éditions PARIS

Discover elegant and immersive light with the new Focus x4 lamp, designed by renowned designer Yuji Okitsu for DCW Éditions Paris. An innovative creation specially crafted to illuminate a wide range of spaces.

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L'icône du design !

Une lampe 100% française



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