BINY of Jacques Biny


Jacques Biny is a major French designer and publisher of the Trente Glorious Period.
The Omnialux company produced its first model in 1950 at the Paris Fair.
It was in 1953 that he decided to become his own publisher and founded the company Luminalite in Paris.
Modern and pioneering, BINY "rational lighting devices" evokes the world of cinema or photography.
  The diffuser looks like a telescopic bezel and has focused lighting.
The BINY collection includes functional lights for all uses: wall lights, portholes, spotlights, bedside lights, floor lamps, desk lamps, mood lamps and is suitable for individuals and communities.
His creations are distinguished by their double effect of diffusion and refraction as well as the innovative character of the materials used metal (lacquered, perforated, curved ...) and Perspex.