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Rosalie DCW éditions PARIS Wall lamp
Rosalie DCW éditions PARIS Wall lamp
Rosalie DCW éditions PARIS Wall lamp
Rosalie DCW éditions PARIS Wall lamp
Rosalie DCW éditions PARIS Wall lamp
Rosalie DCW éditions PARIS Wall lamp
Rosalie DCW éditions PARIS Wall lamp
Rosalie DCW éditions PARIS Wall lamp

Rosalie DCW éditions PARIS Wall lamp

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Key Features

Creation 2021

The Rosalie wall lamp from DCW Éditions Paris features golden aluminum and soft lighting, offering contemporary illumination and a cozy ambiance to your home.

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The Borely lamp, designed by Éric Gizard for DCW Éditions Paris, is a standout piece from the Atmospherics collection, noted for its luminous architecture. Created in 2021, it embodies a modern aesthetic with its assembly of two rectangular steel structures, available in black, gold, and bronze.

Standing at 48 cm tall and 16 cm wide, with a depth of 16.5 cm, Borely commands attention without overwhelming the space. This wall lamp is fitted with an integrated LED that emits 800 lumens, providing a warm white light at 2700K, creating a welcoming and cozy ambiance.

Featuring the ability to be dimmed, Borely allows precise control over light intensity, enhanced by an included dimmable TRIAC driver, ensuring adaptability across various indoor environments. With a voltage of 220/240V and a weight of 2.2 kg, it is easily installed in spaces such as corridors, entrances, dining areas, and living rooms.

The Borely lamp is not just a source of illumination; it contributes to the narrative of light throughout the ages, forming an integral part of the "Atmospherics" collection. As such, it provides not only a luminous focal point but also serves as a link between past and present, softly lighting intimate moments from dusk onwards.

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Aluminium, Glass, Acryli
Source of light
Integrated LED
IP protection
IP 20
internal driver supplied
Color of light (Kelvin)
2700K - Extra warm white
Electric class
Classe I
Julie Fuillet
Type of lights
Wall lamps
Dining room
Living room
rest of world

DCW Editions Paris: A Radiant Fusion of Heritage and Modern Design

In the heart of lighting design, the name DCW Éditions Paris resonates as a familiar tune for all aficionados of quality illumination. Since its inception in 2008, the brand has been a beacon of excellence, lighting up the design landscape with its breathtaking creations.

The success of DCW Éditions Paris is no accident. Each lamp, wall light, pendant, or floor lamp embodies decades of expertise, fusing art with technology. Every phase, from concept to realization, mirrors an unwavering commitment to perfection.

Behind every DCW Éditions Paris light fixture lies a tale. A tale of passionate designers, meticulous craftsmen, and a vision that perceives lighting not just as a mere tool but as a piece of art. The renowned Lampe Gras, with its iconic design, is a vibrant testament to this philosophy, representing the ideal blend of aesthetics and functionality—two values at the core of the brand.

In today's lighting market, DCW Éditions Paris stands apart with its ability to weave classical elements into decidedly modern designs. This unique alchemy between tradition and innovation is evident in each airy pendant, subtle wall light, elegant floor lamp, and other luminous creations.

DCW Éditions Paris also symbolizes durability. Every light fixture is crafted to last, utilizing high-caliber materials and avant-garde manufacturing techniques. This robustness, combined with ageless design, makes DCW lights a valuable asset for any space.

Choosing a DCW Éditions Paris lamp means bringing a slice of French lighting heritage into your home. It's a pledge of optimal illumination, elegance, and sophistication.

For those who value quality, authenticity, and brilliance in light design, DCW Éditions Paris is more than just a brand: it's an experience. A journey through the annals of lighting, an immersion into a realm where every detail matters, where each ray of light tells a story.

In short, integrating DCW Éditions Paris into your space means embracing a tradition of excellence. It signifies opting for lighting that transcends time and trends and stepping into a world where light becomes art.

"Objects, companions of everyday life, reliable in use, honest, well thought out, well made.

Design and elegant lighting to give a new vision of interior decoration. "

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