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Sammode G61 (1959) Table lamp Pierre Guariche
Sammode G61 (1959) Table lamp Pierre Guariche
Sammode G61 (1959) Table lamp Pierre Guariche
Sammode G61 (1959) Table lamp Pierre Guariche
Sammode G61 (1959) Table lamp Pierre Guariche
Sammode G61 (1959) Table lamp Pierre Guariche
Sammode G61 (1959) Table lamp Pierre Guariche
Sammode G61 (1959) Table lamp Pierre Guariche

Sammode G61 (1959) Table lamp Pierre Guariche

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  • White - White

    White - White

  • Dim switch on cable

    Dim switch on cable

  • Small 270 x 270 x 200 mm

    Small 270 x 270 x 200 mm

  • Medium 330 x 330 x 200 mm

    Medium 330 x 330 x 200 mm

Key Features

The G61 table lamp was designed by Pierre Gariche, on the eve of the 1960s (with the sister model G60) and reissued today. The G61 table lamp from Sammode, designed by Pierre Guariche in 1959, is an elegant and modern lamp with a pure white design and integrated dimmer, perfect for contemporary decor.

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The G61 table lamp from Sammode, a creation by Pierre Guariche from 1959, exemplifies elegance and contemporary style in interior lighting. It complements the Pierre Guariche collection and is the sister model to the G60, reissued today to suit modern interiors.

Functional and elegant, the G61 is distinguished by its completely white design and an integrated dimmer switch on the cord, allowing for the adjustment of light intensity to suit individual preferences. With its clean lines and precise shape, this lamp fits perfectly into contemporary decor, bringing warm and poetic light. Available in two sizes, Small (270 x 270 x 200 mm) and Medium (330 x 330 x 200 mm), it offers flexibility for various spaces and applications.

The G61, along with the G60, is ideal for illuminating a bedside table, an entrance console, a TV stand, a hotel bed headboard, a dining room sideboard, a worktop, a library shelf, a living room coffee table, or a bistro counter. These lamps add a touch of sophistication and warmth to any space.

Featuring four slender brass legs and a white lacquered steel sheet cover, the G61 presents a sleek and modern silhouette. True to Pierre Guariche's style, this geometric light fixture naturally integrates onto a console, table, or desk, enhancing contemporary interiors with its soft and enveloping light.

Each G61 lamp is carefully manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the Sammode factory in Châtillon-sur-Saône in the Vosges, ensuring the quality and reliability of every product. The white-white finish of the lamp, combined with its diffusing PMMA structure, makes it an elegant and timeless addition to any interior. Equipped with a 2-meter cable with switch and socket, the G61 is not only an aesthetic light fixture but also practical and easy to install.

Interior table lamp
Dim switch on cable
200 mm
brushed lacquered brass
Electric cable
2 m
Operating temperature
-5°C to +30°C
Source of light
Bulb E27
Perforated cap in white metal and cheek in white PMMA
Small: L27cm x W27cm x h20cm; Medium: L33cm x W33cm X h20cm
IP protection
IP 20
Dimming of the light by dimmer switch on the cable
11W Max
Color of light (Kelvin)
2700K - Extra warm white
Electric class
Classe II
medium : 3kg
small : 2,4 kg
Luminaire equipped with its cable and EU plug
Pierre Guariche
Indoor Lighting
Table lamps
Living room
5 years

SAMMODE : French Excellence and Innovation in Lighting

Introduction: Sammode, a French icon in technical lighting since 1927, embodies a tradition of excellence and innovation. Known for its entirely artisanal production, Sammode represents a unique savoir-faire in creating robust and stylish lighting fixtures.

Heritage and Innovation: Founded in Châtillon-sur-Saône, Sammode quickly distinguished itself with its famous hermetically sealed fluorescent tube (TFH), becoming a symbol of technical lighting. True to its core values of relevance, reliability, and durability, Sammode takes pride in its French manufacturing heritage, ensuring the highest quality in each product.

Diverse Collections and Collaborations: Sammode Studio, enriched by collections such as Pure, Paname, LÖ, and MOD, showcases successful collaborations with renowned designers. By reissuing classic French designs from the 1950s, like those of Pierre Guariche and Michel Mortier, Sammode bridges history and modernity.

Signature Tubular Lights: Sammode's iconic tubular lights, a staple of French industrial and architectural lighting, are known for their robustness and adaptability to extreme conditions, ranging from -60° to +200°. These creations embody Sammode's expertise in designing versatile, aesthetic, and functional lighting.

Commitment to Sustainability: Sammode is dedicated to producing sustainable and technologically advanced lighting. With products designed to be repairable and evolutionary, Sammode stands against planned obsolescence. Integrating modern technologies like smartphone dimming underscores this commitment.

Global Recognition: Internationally recognized, Sammode is present in various environments from private homes to industrial facilities. The brand blends heritage and innovation to meet current lighting needs.

Technology and Design: Each Sammode light is a technological feat, merging sophisticated design with advanced functionality. This harmony between form and function is at the heart of Sammode's philosophy.

Industrial Expertise: Manufacturing in Châtillon-sur-Saône attests to Sammode's commitment to French craftsmanship. Each light is the result of a meticulous process, with every detail crafted for performance and aesthetics.

Conclusion: Sammode symbolizes the unique union of tradition and innovation. Its lights are not just sources of illumination but representatives of French elegance and ingenuity in lighting.

Cultural Impact and Design: Sammode plays a significant role in the cultural and artistic realm of lighting. Its modern and timeless creations provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, demonstrating a design that transcends eras.

Sustainability and Ecology: Sustainability is at the core of Sammode's business philosophy. Materials are chosen for their quality and minimal environmental impact. This ecological approach is reflected in every light, offering a sustainable and responsible lighting solution.

Cutting-edge Technology: Utilizing the latest technologies, like smartphone control, positions Sammode at the forefront of lighting innovation. These technological advancements are combined with refined design to create lights that are not only functional but also aesthetically remarkable.

Sammode in the Urban Landscape: Sammode's lights also illuminate public spaces, bringing their modernity and functionality. From urban design to industrial facilities, Sammode proves its versatility and adaptability.

The Art of Lighting According to Sammode: Each Sammode creation is an expression of the art of lighting. Designed to harmonize with a variety of architectural styles, these lights enrich the spaces they illuminate while staying true to their French design heritage.

Continuous Innovation: In an ever-changing world, Sammode remains at the forefront of lighting innovation. Always searching for new ideas and technologies, Sammode continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in lighting.

Explore the world of Sammode, where each light is a celebration of French craftsmanship, a fusion of tradition and innovation, designed to illuminate and enrich your living space with style and elegance.

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