Sammode Balke Hooklamp


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The Balke portable lamp is designed on the iconic Sammode tubular lamp base, it has a large lacquered aluminum handle to be easily hung or transported wherever you want. This portable lamp is 65.5 cm long and 10 cm in diameter. The Balke portable lamp by Sammode, featuring a tubular design and wide handle, provides soft and versatile lighting, perfect for indoor and outdoor use, backed by a 5-year warranty.

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  • Coal


  • Marsala


  • White


  • Brass


  • Copper


  • Petrol


  • Integrated dimmer button

    Integrated dimmer button

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The Balke portable lamp by Sammode is a practical and aesthetic lighting solution. Inspired by the famous tubular Sammode lamp, it features a wide, lacquered aluminum handle that facilitates hanging and transport. Measuring 65.5 cm in length and 10 cm in diameter, Balke is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Equipped with two multi-perforated grids, this lamp produces a soft and subdued light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Ideal for long summer evenings, Balke is fitted with a reel and a waterproof cable, making it perfect for outdoor use during your events or nighttime relaxation.

Available in three elegant shades (brass, copper, petroleum) and three finishes (coal, marsala, white), Balke offers a variety of options to suit different style and decoration preferences. These color options, combined with its functional design, make it an ideal choice for ambient lighting in various settings.

Sammode lamps, including Balke, are meticulously manufactured and assembled in the factory in Châtillon-sur-Saône, ensuring the highest quality and recognized French craftsmanship. Each lamp is weather-resistant and delivered ready for installation.

The Balke portable lamp features a borosilicate glass body, lacquered 316L stainless steel flanges, an anodized aluminum reflector, and lacquered light-breaking grids. All external metal parts are made of 316L stainless steel, with A4 stainless steel screws, ensuring durability and weather resistance.

Equipped with two 4W E14 LED filament bulbs in 2700K matte, it provides optimal brightness with an integrated dimmer button for easy adjustment of light intensity. Its compact dimensions, 655 x 177 x 123 mm, make it an easy-to-place lamp in various environments.

Each Balke portable lamp comes with a 5-year warranty, demonstrating Sammode's confidence in the longevity and performance of its products. It is designed for temperatures ranging from -20°C to +30°C, with an IP68 protection rating, IK07 shock resistance, electrical class I, and a 220-240 V 50/60 Hz power supply.

In summary, the Balke portable lamp by Sammode is a versatile and elegant lighting solution, ideal for those seeking functionality, modern design, and durability in their lighting choices, whether for private or professional use.



Stainless steel 316L
borosilicate glass
Indoor or Outdoor
Bouton variateur Intégré
Anodised aluminium
65,5 cm
ø 12,3 cm
17,7 cm
Electric cord
4 m with European plug IP44
Electric cable
3G1.5 cable with transparent seed braid, tinned copper conductor
CEE 7/7 (European plug with two round pins)
Cable length
4 m
Impact resistance
fire resistance
Source of light
2 x Bulbs E14
Dimmable bulb included
Flasks and Necklace
Stainless steel 316L
Lacquered flow break grilles
Borosilicate glass
220/240V 50/60Hz
IP protection
Dimmable by integrated dimmer button
2X 4W
Color of light (Kelvin)
2700K - Extra warm white
Light Flux (Lumen)
Wall socket kit
4,5 kg
Type of lights
Bathroom lamps
Hook lamps
Outdoor lamps
5 years
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  • Thibault M.
    Published Dec 02, 2020 at 10:12 pm (Order date: Nov 07, 2020)




Founded in 1927 in Châtillon-sur-Saône in the French Vosges, Sammode designs lighting solutions that have come to be seen as an industry benchmark. The company’s head office is located in Paris, and all of its products are Made-in-France. With full control of the entire production chain, Sammode proclaims its unique status as a designer-manufacturer loud and proud. This status guarantees the performance, functionality and quality of its luminaires, which can be used in extreme environments at temperatures ranging between -60 °C and +200 °C. Sammode is now seeking to apply this industrial expertise to a whole new sector, hotels, restaurants, shops, villas ... creating a new collection especially for this purpose.


Sammode presents today a collection of light fittings intended for more domestic use but given its history, this new direction could not be more natural. One need only examine the company’s roots : ever since it was founded in the late 1920 s, Sammode, a generalist, has provided electric lighting not only for production facilities, but also offices, schools, shops, and even homes. Then there is the quality and reliability of its products : by positioning itself as both a designer and manufacturer of technical lighting solutions for industry, public lighting and major transport infrastructure as far back as the 1930 s, the company has over the years accrued an incontestable expertise. Not to mention the credibility acquired in the eyes of architects. Sammode returned to architectural lighting in the 1980 s and has tirelessly updated and expanded its catalogue to meet contractor aspirations and needs. One such architect was Dominique Perrault, who would use Sammode luminaires in many of his projects ! As you can see, Sammode’s arrival into the domestic sector is anything but an accident. More like a return to our roots !

The world of Sammode Studio is as much about interiors as exteriors, and now gathers six collections. Three of these include the most high-profile tubular luminaires from the company’s architectural and industrial ranges, specially adapted for domestic applications. The other three collections have been developed out of collaborative projects with three teams of designers selected by Sammode to reinterpret its iconic luminaires : Dominique Perrault & Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost, Normal Studio and Yann Kersalé

Sammode tubular luminaires have been classics of French industrial and architectural lighting since they were first designed more than 50 years ago. Constantly improved and upgraded since then, and still manufactured in our Châtillon-sur-Saône production plant in the Vosges region of France, as they always have been, they are now available in a very diverse range of options adapted for domestic applications. Rimbaud is the perfect illustration of this history : developed out of a luminaire with an incandescent light source originally designed for lighting industrial ovens, it now features the latest technologies, including smart phone dimming. It offers a soft light output from a design that is simultaneously sophisticated, authentic and true to its origins.

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