Control Your Lights with the Casambi App

The Casambi app turns your smartphone into an intuitive remote control for your lighting system. With a recent device featuring up-to-date Bluetooth, interacting with your Sammode Studio lights becomes not only convenient but also highly customizable.

For the best experience, it is recommended to use the Casambi app with a recent phone equipped with the latest Bluetooth version, to ensure enhanced connectivity and performance when controlling your Sammode Studio lights.

First Time Use:
Follow these simple steps to set up your Casambi lighting system:

  1. Download the Casambi app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Turn on your Sammode Studio lights.
  3. Activate the Bluetooth function on your smartphone and launch the app.
  4. The app automatically detects all compatible lights that are turned on.
  5. Press 'Connect all lamps' to add them to a network.
  6. You can now control and customize the lighting to your needs.

Basic Gestures:

  • To turn a light on or off, touch its icon.
  • To adjust the brightness, slide your finger across the light's icon.

Intuitive Gallery:
Create a visual control interface:

  1. Add a photo of your space to the Casambi gallery.
  2. Position the controls over the lights in the image.
  3. Control your lights directly from the photo, eliminating any confusion.

Bright Scenes:
Set up custom light scenes for each occasion:

  1. Create and name scenes by adjusting the brightness of the included lights.
  2. Activate or deactivate these scenes with a simple gesture.

Smart Sensors:

  • Light sensor: Automatically adjust the artificial lighting based on natural light for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Presence sensor: Save energy by turning on the lights only when necessary.

Options for Light Sensors:

  • Daylight gain: Adjust the brightness of the lights based on their proximity to natural light.
  • Dedicated daylight sensor: Control the lights with dedicated sensors for a precise response to natural lighting.

Control Hierarchy:
The Casambi control hierarchy allows for cooperation between manual and automated controls, offering flexibility to adapt to all control logics.

Calendar and Time:
Program scenes and animations to automatically activate or deactivate based on user needs and activities.

Access and control your Casambi network remotely with the gateway feature for limitless lighting management.

The Casambi system adapts to projects of all sizes, from small installations to extensive property complexes.

Advanced Settings:
Review and modify manufacturer-specific settings for in-depth customization of your lighting.

Custom Services:
Integrate custom features into the Casambi ecosystem for a unique user experience.

With Casambi, each device is intelligent and autonomous, ensuring flawless synchronization and reliability.

With the Casambi app and Sammode Studio luminaires, elevate your lighting experience to a higher level of comfort and efficiency.

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