Vantot: Esther and Sam, a Creative and Romantic Synergy

Esther and Sam, the couple behind Vantot, are not only united in life but also in passion and creation. Graduates of the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven, their journey is anything but ordinary. Since founding their studio in 2014, their partnership has been the perfect blend of technology, art, and love.

Elite Education
The Design Academy Eindhoven, from which Esther and Sam hail, is known as one of Europe's premier design education institutions. It was this top-tier education that laid the foundation for their innovative approach. From the outset, the couple knew they wanted to do something different, something that would combine their two design visions.

Collaboration with DCW Éditions Paris
One of Vantot's most iconic collaborations is undoubtedly with DCW Éditions Paris. Recognizing their unique talent, this renowned publishing house partnered with them to create exceptional lighting pieces.

Remarkable Collections
Esther and Sam never cease to surprise. Their VVV collection is a testament to how unique their design approach is. But 2022 was a particularly fruitful year for Vantot with the creation of the Mono collection. These collections reflect their constant desire to innovate, experiment, and push the boundaries of lighting design.

Vantot draws inspiration from a variety of sources. Whether it's nature, architecture, or even everyday life experiences, Esther and Sam have an eye for finding beauty and transforming it into functional pieces. Their background in Eindhoven, a city of innovation and technology, also plays a key role in their creative process.

Esther and Sam, the duo behind Vantot, have proven that love and work can not only coexist but also mutually reinforce each other. Through their bold creations and collaborations with brands like DCW Éditions Paris, they continue to illuminate the world of lighting design, one luminaire at a time.

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