Jieldé Signal SI333 - Table Lamp, a Must-Have for a Warm and Modern Atmosphere


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The Jieldé Signal SI333 is a quintessential table lamp to enrich your work and relaxation spaces. With its robust industrial style and exceptional versatility, it elevates your space's aesthetics. A staple from the Jieldé collection, the Signal SI333 shines with its strong decorative impact and its flexible indoor use.

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  • Black RAL9011

    Black RAL9011

  • White


  • Chrome


  • Brushed Steel

    Brushed Steel

  • Black Hammered

    Black Hammered

  • Copper Hammered

    Copper Hammered

  • Mustard RAL1003

    Mustard RAL1003

  • Ivory RAL1015

    Ivory RAL1015

  • Sulfur Yellow RAL1016

    Sulfur Yellow RAL1016

  • Pearl Beige RAL1035

    Pearl Beige RAL1035

  • Pearl Gold RAL1036

    Pearl Gold RAL1036

  • Orange RAL2004

    Orange RAL2004

  • Burgundy RAL3005

    Burgundy RAL3005

  • Old Pink RAL3014

    Old Pink RAL3014

  • Red RAL3020

    Red RAL3020

  • Pink RAL4003

    Pink RAL4003

  • Violet Fuchsia RAL4008

    Violet Fuchsia RAL4008

  • Sapphire Blue RAL5003

    Sapphire Blue RAL5003

  • Light Blue RAL5012

    Light Blue RAL5012

  • Ocean Blue RAL5020

    Ocean Blue RAL5020

  • Water Blue RAL5021

    Water Blue RAL5021

  • Pastel Blue RAL5024

    Pastel Blue RAL5024

  • Vespa Green

    Vespa Green

  • Olive Green RAL6003

    Olive Green RAL6003

  • Green Grass RAL6010

    Green Grass RAL6010

  • Apple Green RAL6018

    Apple Green RAL6018

  • Water Green RAL6019

    Water Green RAL6019

  • Grey Khaki RAL7002

    Grey Khaki RAL7002

  • Mouse Grey RAL7005

    Mouse Grey RAL7005

  • Granite Gray RAL7026

    Granite Gray RAL7026

  • Chocolate RAL8017

    Chocolate RAL8017

  • Silver Grey RAL9006 (Shiny only)

    Silver Grey RAL9006 (Shiny only)

  • Shiny


  • Mat


  • Polished / Paint Glossy

    Polished / Paint Glossy

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The Jieldé Signal SI333 Table Lamp is an essential luminaire for your workspace or relaxation areas. With its robust industrial design and remarkable functionality, this lamp offers more than just lighting. It adds a distinctive touch to your decor and seamlessly adapts to various interior settings.

The SI333 features two 30cm movable arms, which can be adjusted up to a 300-degree angle. This unique feature allows for easy positioning of the light according to your needs. Additionally, its 360-degree rotating reflector enhances its functionality, offering a multitude of lighting possibilities.

This lamp is available in a range of finishes to cater to different preferences. Choose from matte, glossy, and polished & painted (only available for the glossy finish), as well as hammered black, hammered copper, brushed steel, and chrome finishes for a captivating industrial look. Each finish brings its own charm, allowing the lamp to seamlessly blend into your interior decor.

Handcrafted and made to order in the Jieldé workshops, each SI333 lamp is a testament to exceptional quality and attention to detail. With a unique serial number, every lamp is a result of decades of artisanal craftsmanship.

In terms of technical specifications, the lamp features porcelain E14 sockets and can accommodate bulbs with a maximum power of 25W. It is equipped with a convenient switch on its base for easy operation. The 10cm diameter reflector provides pleasant lighting, while its white interior creates an elegant contrast.

The Jieldé Signal SI333 Table Lamp is certified to IP20 standards and Class II, ensuring its safety during use. It is well-suited for indoor applications, whether on a desk, in a bedroom, a reading nook, or even in an entryway.

When you choose the Jieldé Signal SI333 Table Lamp, you are selecting a high-quality luminaire crafted with care and backed by a two-year warranty. It is delivered fully assembled, ready to illuminate your space with style and functionality.


Steel - Cast aluminum - Porcelain (socket) - Cast iron counterweight
Construction is made metal - Articulated arms combinations with different lengths
Interior table lamp
Porcelain E14
25 W max
Yes on the base
Ø 10 cm
Interior color of the reflector
Articulated arms size
2 arms of 30 cm
Ø 16 cm
Electric cable
2m - Plug : 2 poles + Ground
IP 20 Class II
Type of lights
Table lamps
Reading corner
Number of arms
2 years
Delivered fully assembled


"Inanimate objects, do you have a soul ?"

Did Jean-Louis Domecq think of this when, in 1949, he laid the foundations of his project ?
The question remains, because this genius inventor Lyonnais gives to his creation that supplement of soul which places it on the border between the object of use and the work of art.

Did Jean-Louis Domecq think of this when, in 1949, he laid the foundations of his project ? The question remains, because this genius inventor Lyonnais gives to his creation that supplement of soul which places it on the border between the object of use and the work of art.
Still, he conceives a lamp adapted to the needs of his activity, a simple lamp, robust, articulated and without cable in his joints.

The definitive model was born in 1950. To industrialize his invention, Jean Louis Domecq created "Jieldé" from the initials of his name (JLD). Success is at the rendezvous: the lamp "Jieldé" invests factories, workshops, drawing tables. With the decline of the industry in France, the production is running out of steam, but the lamp keeps its potential.
It appeals to collectors, to design enthusiasts with its clever mix of form, function, material, use, technique ... but also this "little something" in addition that provokes the crush. It touches the general public since the 90s, because it leaves the industrial world to enchant the interior of our houses, thanks to the multiplicity of the proposed finishes.

From then on, the STANDARD becomes LOFT.
In 2003 is born the SIGNAL, which is a replica of the original lamp in smaller size.
The suspensions AUGUSTIN, CLÉMENT, BEAUMONT and DANTE will follow, as well as the reissue of the LAK lamp.

What has not changed is the manufacture: the lamps are still handmade, with the original tools, in the workshops of Saint Priest, near the suburbs of Lyon. "Jieldé" is also a team: founders, stampers, mechanics, painters"Made in France", which give it a 100% French manufacturing.

Vintage and current, timeless and tailor-made, the lamp "Jieldé" is well of its time, and continues to shine in France and in the world the name of its genius inventor.

Reviews about this product

Based on 19 reviews

  • Silvia c.
    Published Aug 10, 2023 at 03:10 pm (Order date: Jul 04, 2023)

    These are stunning lamps. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Giandomenico C.
    Published Mar 28, 2022 at 07:23 am (Order date: Feb 04, 2022)


  • Pablo G.
    Published Feb 28, 2022 at 11:33 am (Order date: Feb 13, 2022)

    The lamp is awesome! Classic design, the color is what I expected and looks great!

  • Marcus
    Published Nov 18, 2021 at 10:41 pm (Order date: Sep 02, 2021)


  • Theresa A.
    Published Oct 25, 2021 at 09:22 pm (Order date: Oct 14, 2021)

    quality product. love it!

  • Kevin P.
    Published Apr 10, 2021 at 05:11 pm (Order date: Feb 13, 2021)

    Great product. I am very happy with it.

  • LUC C.
    Published Feb 17, 2021 at 11:07 am (Order date: Dec 26, 2020)


  • Thierry J.
    Published Feb 14, 2021 at 08:52 am (Order date: Dec 16, 2020)

    le produit correspond à mes attentes. Très satisfait

  • Nicolas C.
    Published Feb 07, 2021 at 02:34 pm (Order date: Jan 28, 2021)

    Très beau produit. Top qualité made in France.

  • Marie L.
    Published Feb 02, 2021 at 06:43 pm (Order date: Dec 04, 2020)


Finish: : Shiny

Color : Violet Fuchsia RAL4008

In stock : 2


Finish: : Shiny

Color : Pearl Gold RAL1036

In stock : 1


Finish: : Shiny

Color : Chocolate RAL8017

In stock : 1


Finish: : Chrome

Color : Chrome

In stock : 2


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