Jieldé Signal Si433 Zig-Zag - Design Floor Lamp for Unique Lighting

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Discover the Jieldé Signal Si433 Zig-Zag Floor Lamp, nicknamed ZIGZAG due to its composition of 4 articulated arms, each measuring 30 cm. This JIELDÉ SIGNAL SI433 floor lamp features a 360° adjustable Ø 10 cm reflector with a ring that allows you to easily and precisely direct the light beam. With its industrial look, this floor lamp is sure to captivate you. It serves not only as a decorative element but also as an ideal light source for various everyday uses.

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    Black RAL9011

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The Jieldé Signal Si433 is a one-of-a-kind floor lamp, aptly named ZIGZAG because of its unique structure consisting of 4 articulated arms, each measuring 30 cm. This ingenious design allows you to adjust the height and direction of the light according to your needs. Its Ø 10 cm reflector, equipped with a ring, offers great flexibility to aim the light beam in the desired direction, making it easy to create a warm ambiance and illuminate specific areas of your space.

The Jieldé Signal Si433 floor lamp embodies the industrial style with its robust and functional appearance. It combines high-quality materials such as steel, aluminum, and cast aluminum, ensuring a sturdy and durable construction. The articulated arms of varying lengths provide additional flexibility, allowing you to customize the position of the arms to achieve optimal lighting in each room.

This floor lamp is ideal for indoor spaces such as offices, bedrooms, reading corners, and living rooms. It creates a welcoming and functional atmosphere, effectively illuminating work or relaxation areas. Its timeless industrial design blends seamlessly with various interior décor styles, adding authenticity and character to your space.

The Jieldé Signal Si433 is equipped with a porcelain E14 socket, compatible with bulbs of up to 25 W maximum power. You can adjust the lighting according to your preferences and desired ambiance. The foot switch on the cable makes it convenient to turn the lamp on and off.

When it comes to finishes, you have various options to choose from. You can opt for a matte finish, which lends a discreet and elegant look to the lamp, or a glossy finish that adds a touch of sophistication. Additionally, the polished and painted finish is available only with the glossy finish, offering a unique combination of shine and vibrant colors. Rare and unique finishes, such as Hammered Black and Hammered Copper, add an extra dimension to the lamp's personality. Brushed Steel gives it a "vintage industrial" appearance that will appeal to retro design enthusiasts. Lastly, the Chrome finish transforms this lamp into a true gem, adding elegance and glamour to your space.

All Jieldé lamps are made to order, handcrafted, and numbered in the workshops of Saint Priest, near Lyon, France. This attention to detail and artisanal manufacturing ensure exceptional quality and unparalleled authenticity for each lamp. Every piece is meticulously assembled using original tools, guaranteeing long-term reliability and durability.

In summary, the Jieldé Signal Si433 floor lamp is more than just a lighting fixture. It represents the perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. Whether you're seeking versatile lighting for your everyday needs or a unique piece to complement your interior décor, this floor lamp will exceed your expectations. Enjoy the 2-year warranty and timeless industrial style offered by Jieldé, a renowned brand originating from France.


Steel - Cast aluminum - Aluminum
Construction is made metal - Articulated arms combinations with different lengths
Interior Lamppost
Porcelain E14
25 W max
Foot switch on the cable
Ø 10 cm
Interior color of the reflector
Articulated arms size
4 arms of 30 cm
Ø 24,5 cm
Electric cable
2m - Plug : 2 poles + Ground
IP 20 Class II
Type of lights
Living room
Reading corner
Number of arms
2 years
Delivered fully assembled

Finish: : Shiny

Color : White

In stock : 2


Finish: : Shiny

Color : Mustard RAL1003

In stock : 1


Finish: : Mat

Color : Black RAL9011

In stock : 2


Finish: : Mat

Color : White

In stock : 2


Finish: : Brushed steel

Color : Brushed Steel

In stock : 2


Color : Black Hammered

Finish: : Black Hammered

In stock : 2


Finish: : Shiny

Color : Black RAL9011

In stock : 1


Reviews about this product

Based on 8 reviews

  • Victoria H.
    Published Mar 04, 2023 at 10:10 am (Order date: Jan 06, 2023)

    Gorgeous- the perfect focal point of our interior.

  • Richard W.
    Published Nov 13, 2022 at 02:56 pm (Order date: Sep 01, 2022)

    Not that big for a floor lamp, arms can work loose as you move them to get the right angle

    Merchant's answer

    Hello Richard, Regarding the size you have probably confused with the Loft collection. We have made articles on our blog as well as videos, explaining the different Jieldé collections, and also how to adjust the arms. I invite you to consult them. Thank you for your comment and see you soon The Lumitop team

  • Marie Paule A.
    Published Feb 02, 2021 at 05:04 pm (Order date: Dec 06, 2020)

    Très bel objet

  • Celia L.
    Published Feb 02, 2021 at 04:17 pm (Order date: Dec 05, 2020)

    Nous sommes très satisfaits de notre lampadaire Signal, la couleur est sublime et va avec tout. Lumitop c’est au top !

  • Nathalie D.
    Published Jan 23, 2021 at 05:42 pm (Order date: Nov 26, 2020)

    Le produit fini correspond parfaitement à mes souhaits

  • Ludovica U.
    Published Nov 04, 2020 at 09:29 am (Order date: Sep 18, 2020)


  • Marja-Leena K.
    Published Jul 12, 2020 at 11:39 am (Order date: May 31, 2020)

    Perfect product

  • Thomas F.
    Published Apr 27, 2020 at 06:16 pm (Order date: Dec 07, 2019)

    Très bien rien à dire

Jieldé: The Iconic French Design Brand

Dive into the captivating world of Jieldé, a brand that has embodied the pinnacle of French design for over seven decades. Established in 1950 by Jean-Louis Domecq, Jieldé has become an indisputable benchmark in the world of lighting design, with a product range that includes wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, and more.

History and Origins

In the post-war era, Jean-Louis Domecq, a mechanical workshop leader, felt an urgent need to create a desk lamp perfectly tailored to his specific requirements. This led to the creation of the Jieldé lamp, which became synonymous with sturdiness, flexibility, and innovation. Its wireless joints were a revelation of the times, offering unparalleled mobility. The name "Jieldé" originates from the initials of its creator, JLD.

Craftsmanship and Unparalleled Quality

The essence of Jieldé lies in the artisanal production of its lights, which continues in the workshops of Saint-Priest, near Lyon, France. Every lamp, be it a wall light, a floor lamp, a pendant, or a table lamp, is meticulously hand-assembled, thus preserving the heritage of French craftsmanship excellence. Numbered to attest its uniqueness, each lamp emerges as an authentic work of art.

Diversity of Collections and Evolution

Since its inception, Jieldé has continuously evolved. From the original "Standard", renamed "Loft" in 2003, to the "Signal" series offering a compact version of the original, through pendants like "Augustin", "Clément", "Beaumont", "Dante", and "LaK", each model bears testimony to the brand's prowess. The "AICLER" range, introduced in 2019, showcases the brand's ability to reinvent itself while honoring its heritage.

Global Cultural Influence & Recognition

Jieldé transcends being just an industrial light; it has risen to become an icon of contemporary design, featuring in Hollywood movies alongside renowned actors like Bruce Willis, and even in taxis. The Jieldé lamp, with its distinctive style, has enchanted the world.

Why Choose Jieldé?

Opting for a Jieldé light fixture signifies a choice of authenticity, quality, and timeless design. Whether you're looking for illumination for your office or living room, or desire to gift someone a unique piece, Jieldé caters to your needs while infusing an elegant touch into your space.

Jieldé represents much more than a lighting brand; it's a French heritage, a symbol of quality and design enduring through generations, firmly rooted in the present. Explore our collection now and discover how a Jieldé lamp can brighten your life today and tomorrow with grace and elegance.

A 100% French Manufacture:

What remains unchanged is the craftsmanship: the lamps are still handcrafted using original tools in the workshops of Saint-Priest, in the suburbs of Lyon. "Jieldé" also symbolizes a team: foundries, stampers, mechanics, and "Made in France" painters, ensuring a 100% French production.

Vintage yet contemporary, timeless and customized, the "Jieldé" lamp remains relevant in its time, continuing to shine both in France and globally in the name of its brilliant inventor.

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