Jieldé Loft D1020X Wall Light

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  • Black RAL9011

    Black RAL9011

  • White


  • Chrome


  • Brushed Steel

    Brushed Steel

  • Black Hammered

    Black Hammered

  • Copper Hammered

    Copper Hammered

  • Mustard RAL1003

    Mustard RAL1003

  • Ivory RAL1015

    Ivory RAL1015

  • Sulfur Yellow RAL1016

    Sulfur Yellow RAL1016

  • Pearl Beige RAL1035

    Pearl Beige RAL1035

  • Pearl Gold RAL1036

    Pearl Gold RAL1036

  • Orange RAL2004

    Orange RAL2004

  • Burgundy RAL3005

    Burgundy RAL3005

  • Old Pink RAL3014

    Old Pink RAL3014

  • Red RAL3020

    Red RAL3020

  • Pink RAL4003

    Pink RAL4003

  • Violet Fuchsia RAL4008

    Violet Fuchsia RAL4008

  • Sapphire Blue RAL5003

    Sapphire Blue RAL5003

  • Light Blue RAL5012

    Light Blue RAL5012

  • Ocean Blue RAL5020

    Ocean Blue RAL5020

  • Water Blue RAL5021

    Water Blue RAL5021

  • Pastel Blue RAL5024

    Pastel Blue RAL5024

  • Vespa Green

    Vespa Green

  • Olive Green RAL6003

    Olive Green RAL6003

  • Green Grass RAL6010

    Green Grass RAL6010

  • Apple Green RAL6018

    Apple Green RAL6018

  • Water Green RAL6019

    Water Green RAL6019

  • Grey Khaki RAL7002

    Grey Khaki RAL7002

  • Mouse Grey RAL7005

    Mouse Grey RAL7005

  • Granite Gray RAL7026

    Granite Gray RAL7026

  • Chocolate RAL8017

    Chocolate RAL8017

  • Silver Grey RAL9006 (Shiny only)

    Silver Grey RAL9006 (Shiny only)

  • Shiny


  • Mat


  • Polished / Paint Glossy

    Polished / Paint Glossy

  • Without Switch

    Without Switch

  • With Switch on the reflector

    With Switch on the reflector

  • With switch and cable from 2 meters with electrical outlet

    With switch and cable from 2 meters with electrical outlet

Key Features

  • 360° swiveling shade for custom light direction. E27 socket, max 60W.
  • Extensive color and finish range, from matte to glossy.
  • Customizable options with switch and 2m cable.
  • French craftsmanship associated with excellence and durability.
  • Large 20 cm diameter reflector for an elegant industrial design.
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  • Free Delivery  Across Europe Free Delivery Across Europe
  • LED bulbs  gifted with each lamp. LED bulbs gifted with each lamp.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed :  15 days to change your mind. Satisfaction guaranteed : 15 days to change your mind.

Jieldé Loft D1020 Wall Lamp: Elegance and Functionality Combined

A New Vision of Wall Lighting

Discover the Jieldé Loft D1020X wall lamp, a unique interpretation that emanates from the prestigious LOFT collection by JIELDÉ. This exceptional creation stands out for its unparalleled flexibility, featuring an articulated base and a 20 cm diameter pivoting reflector. The lampshade, equipped with a ring, allows precise adjustment of the light beam for targeted and efficient illumination.

Innovative Design for Optimal Light Distribution

Innovative in its design, this lamp incorporates a joint system with circular contacts, replacing traditional wires with undulating chrysocale contacts, ensuring a smooth transmission of electricity. Additionally, it can be equipped, according to your preferences, with a switch on the reflector and offers a 2-meter cable with an electrical plug, providing an additional customization option.

Adaptable and Versatile

Beyond this version, the Jieldé Loft wall lamp range also offers models with a 15 cm reflector (JIELDÉ LOFT D1000X) and a 10 cm reflector (SIGNAL Si300), allowing for optimal adaptation to all types of spaces and lighting needs.

Design and Finishes for Every Interior

A wide range of finishes is available to perfect its design. Whether you prefer a discreet matte appearance or a luminous glossy finish, including polished and painted (exclusively for glossy finishes), each option adds a unique charm to your space. For an even more remarkable style, hammered black or hammered copper finishes are bold choices. Brushed steel adds a "vintage industrial" touch, while chrome transforms this lamp into a true wall jewel.

French Craftsmanship and Exceptional Quality

Handcrafted, numbered, and made to order in the workshops of Saint Priest, near Lyon, JIELDÉ lamps reflect French craftsmanship synonymous with quality and excellence. They offer an impressive variety of colors to harmoniously blend with your interior decor.

All-Metal Construction for Maximum Flexibility

Entirely made of metal, with articulated arms of varying lengths, this wall lamp offers maximum flexibility in its use. With a porcelain E27 socket, it supports a bulb with a maximum power of 60W, ideal for illuminating your bedroom, reading corner, hallway, kitchen, or entrance with elegance and efficiency.

The design is complemented by a 20 cm diameter reflector, offering a commanding presence and extensive light distribution. With a 120 mm mounting rosette and a 90 mm screw base, as well as a 2-meter electrical cable equipped with a plug, this wall lamp complies with IP20 Class II standards. Delivered fully assembled, it comes with a 2-year warranty to ensure your complete satisfaction.

With the Jieldé Loft D1020 wall lamp, enhance your space with a masterful piece of industrial design, combining remarkable aesthetics and exceptional functionality.

Steel - Cast aluminum - Porcelain (socket) - Cast iron counterweight
Construction is made metal - Articulated arms combinations with different lengths
Interior Wall lamp
Porcelain E27
60 W max
Optional on the reflector
Ø 20 cm
Interior color of the reflector
Back plate
Ø 120 mm
Base to screw
Ø 90 mm
Electric cable
2m - Plug : 2 poles + Ground
IP 20 Class II
Type of lights
Wall lamps
Reading corner
Number of arms
2 years
Delivered fully assembled
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  • Vibeke O.
    Published Apr 07, 2021 at 11:54 am (Order date: Feb 14, 2021)

    Nice.. :-)

Jieldé: The Iconic French Design Brand

The history of Jieldé, an iconic name in the world of high-end lighting, began in the 1950s with the visionary founder, Jean-Louis Domecq. At the time, Jean-Louis, a mechanic by trade, was desperately searching for a lamp that could meet his specific needs in his workshop. He dreamed of a lamp that was robust, articulated, and functional, capable of providing precise and versatile lighting.

This dream gave birth to a true revolution in the field of lighting: the Jieldé lamp. Its most striking feature was its mechanism of articulated arms, devoid of electrical wires. Each arm could pivot freely, offering unparalleled flexibility while eliminating the risk of cable entanglement.

By 1953, the final model of the Jieldé lamp was ready to conquer the world. Its sleek industrial design and exceptional functionality quickly captivated not only professionals but also the general public. The Jieldé lamp transitioned from workshops and factories to drafting tables and eventually residential interiors, transforming the way we illuminate our spaces.

The success story of the "Standard" lamp evolved over the decades to become the legendary "Loft." This iconic lamp was joined by new models such as the "Signal," a more compact replica of the original. Suspensions like "Augustin," "Clément," "Beaumont," and "Dante" enriched the range, along with the reissue of the "LaK" lamp. Each of these luminaires embodies the very essence of French industrial design, blending functionality and aesthetics.

Quality of manufacture remains an absolute priority for Jieldé. Each lamp is meticulously hand-assembled in the workshops of Saint Priest, in the outskirts of Lyon, France. Each Jieldé lamp is unique, numbered to ensure its authenticity and superior quality. This artisanal approach and passion for detail set Jieldé apart from many other lighting brands.

One remarkable feature of Jieldé lamps is their ability to seamlessly integrate into a variety of décors. Whether you are seeking lighting for an industrial, modern, classic, or any other space, Jieldé offers a wide range of finishes to meet your needs. This allows customers to customize their lighting to their preferred décor style, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to their environment.

In summary, Jieldé represents more than just a lighting brand. It is a legacy of French industrial design that has continued to shine for over 70 years. Choosing a Jieldé lamp means choosing the excellence of French design, opting for durability, functionality, and authenticity. Explore the Jieldé range and discover how these exceptional luminaires can bring a touch of excellence to your spaces, regardless of their style and use. Choose quality, choose authenticity with Jieldé.

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