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Chanpen Hexagonal design Forestier Pendant lamp
Chanpen Hexagonal design Forestier Pendant lamp
Chanpen Hexagonal design Forestier Pendant lamp

Chanpen Hexagonal design Forestier Pendant lamp

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Key Features

The Chanpen Hexagonal pendant lights from the French brand Forestier were created by the Thai designer Anon Pairot.

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This natural pendant light is woven by hand with Abaca leaves, a species of banana native to the Philippines, creating geometric patterns.
The flattened spherical shaped shade is reminiscent of the full moon, it provides filtered, soft and warm light.
This pendant light will bring a natural note and will not fail to sublimate your interior.
This collection of Chanpen pendant lights is available in different sizes and colors.

Abaca, Marble, metal, textile
Interior Suspensions
XS : Ø19cm ; S : Ø26cm ; M : Ø36cm ; L : Ø52cm
Cable length
Source of light
Bulb E27
IP protection
IP 20
Electric class
Classe II
Anon Pairot
Type of lights
Pendant lamps
Living room

Size : Size M

Color : Natural

In stock : 1


Forestier : The Alchemy of Light and Nature

At the intersection of innovation and craftsmanship, Forestier epitomizes the essence of designer lighting. Each lamp, wall sconce, pendant, and floor lamp tells a tale—a story of enchanting nature and meticulous artisanship. As creators of ambiance, Forestier has established its signature within the realm of high-end lighting design, breathing originality and authenticity into every piece.

Ancestral Heritage, Contemporary Spirit

Forestier is not just a brand; it is an invitation to a sensory journey where light becomes sculpture and design reconnects with the fundamentals. Since its inception by Bernard Forestier in 1992, the brand has been distinguished by an approach that blends tradition with the audacity of modernity. Clean lines meet raw, natural materials, and organic forms merge with innovative textures to provide lighting solutions that are not merely functional but are true showpieces.

A Portfolio of Diverse and Elegant Creations

Each Forestier collection is the result of deep aesthetic consideration and a desire to meet the demands of an ever-evolving market. The Bamboo floor lamps by Arik Levy, for instance, are an ode to simplicity and natural elegance, while the Papillon suspensions by Élise Fouin celebrate lightness and motion. The Libellule wall sconces depict a world where the delicacy of nature is interwoven with the art of interior design.

Innovation at the Heart of Lighting

Forestier stands for innovation, sustainability, and design. The lighting is designed to adapt to a variety of settings, from residential spaces to ambitious commercial projects. The company continues to push the boundaries of LED technology while maintaining the artisanal integrity of its products. Table lamps with distinctive silhouettes, aerial suspensions that transform light into a decorative element, and wall sconces that play with shadows and illumination are all testament to Forestier's design excellence.

Forestier: A Commitment to Excellence

Forestier’s commitment to excellence is evident in the impeccable quality of its products and attentive customer service. Each product is the outcome of a meticulous design and manufacturing process, ensuring that clients receive pieces that are not just beautiful to behold but are built to last. Forestier is more than a brand; it's an experience that enriches living spaces with light that transcends illumination to awaken the senses and beautify the everyday.

A Light for Every Story

Forestier is not just at the forefront of lighting; it is a pioneer in creating luminous narratives. Each series, whether it be contemporary table lamps or iconic hanging fixtures, is designed to tell a story, to add a narrative dimension to the space it inhabits. Forestier does not merely make lamps; it sculpts light, shapes atmospheres, and brings to life spaces that would otherwise be ordinary.

In conclusion, Forestier remains true to its legacy as a benchmark brand in the world of designer lighting. With a constant focus on aesthetics, functionality, and environmental impact, Forestier continues to shine as a beacon of innovation and elegance in the lighting industry.

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