The creation dates change:

The LOFT lamp made its debut in 1950, formerly called STANDARD LAMP and later renamed when it was sold in decoration in 1985.
And in 2003, a replica of the original lamp was born in a smaller size, the SIGNAL lamp.

The wireless system:

The LOFT lamp has a revolutionary system invented by Jean-Louis Domecq, a wireless system using wavy chrysocale contacts that circulate the current within the joints.
The SIGNAL lamp has a classic system with wires to circulate the current.

The weight :

The LOFT lamp is more massive and weighs more than the signal lamp.

The Loft lamp has thicker and generally longer arms, its reflector is larger measuring Ø15cm and Ø20cm on some models.

The SIGNAL lamp has a 10 cm diameter reflector.

Little tip:

You can tell them apart with the naked eye thanks to the small rim on the bottom of the reflector which is only on the LOFT lamp.

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