The Mantis floor lamp has just been structurally modified and improved as Schottlander envisioned it in his day.

Playing with tension in balance and imbalance, the BS8 L lamppost always consists of a long steel rod, surmounted by a black lampshade.

The little novelty lies in the flexibility of the lamp, the rod pivots on a ball joint which rests on a circular base.

A veritable sculpture, the Mantis BS8 L floor lamp is now adjustable by wheel, rich in modularity through versatility of use.

Striking, elegant and functional, this modern floor lamp features a graceful design that evokes a praying mantis.

Its design perfectly embodies contemporary style with a modernist quality that is both futuristic and timeless.

Light and graphic, this trendy floor lamp will fit perfectly into your living room and will bring its design touch.

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