ORG Sebastian Summa

Inspired by science fiction and astronomy, German designer Sebastian Summa created his lamp as a shooting star. Her name is ORG. Elegant and surprisingly classic, Sebastian's lamp goes from raw spaces to sophisticated universes. Composed of unstructured glass tube and a beautiful gold metal finish, this refined and delicate lamp will modernize any interior.
This collection by DCW Éditions Paris offers a mix of classic elegance and originality, it is available either as a wall light or as a suspension..
Sebastian Summa works in his studio in East Berlin. He is a man of the field. He started his career as a blacksmith, and apprenticed at a metal factory before going to college. Scrap metal, metal and steel were his daily life. His studio is timeless, his work is his clock. It’s amazing to see in a raw atmosphere a sensitive man working on delicate objects.